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Trusting God and His Methods

God is our Creator. He knows what is best for us. But don’t you find yourself sometimes as a perpetual teenager, thinking your Creator doesn’t know best?   Well, here’s yet another testament that He truly knows best. Dr. Lazar Greenfield, a highly … Continue reading

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New Abortion Clinic Opens Up in MI Because of Healthcare Law

In Bart Stupak’s home state of Michigan, a new abortion clinic is opening up as a direct result of the new healthcare cialis super active bill that funds abortion on demand with government dollars. If you remember, Congressman Stupak caved … Continue reading

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The Dawn of Demonic Deception

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of “The Pill” the Wall Street Journal ran a lengthy and misleading article (“The Birth Control Riddle” April 20, 2009) by Melinda Beck, calling the arrival of The Birth Control Pill the “dawn of dependable … Continue reading

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One More Soul CEO Rips Hole in Guttmacher Abortion Study

Revealing and terrific piece  in Cincinnati Enquirer by Jennifer Giroux, CEO of the Catholic non-profit One More Soul, on the latest Guttmacher Institute study re: (“Unsafe abortions kill 70,000 a year,” Oct. 14).  Guttmacher is the research arm of Planned Parenthood.  Not only does Giroux blow … Continue reading

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