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Can’t Save The Environment By Declaring War On Creation

Environmentalist that advocates for massive changes in US life style and wealth transfers to developing countries displayed their ugly side yesterday. A story titled Population Control Called Key To Deal in the China Daily exposed what has been a fear … Continue reading

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NYT Enviro-Reporter Ponders Carbon Credits for 1-Child Families, ‘Are Condoms the Ultimate Green-Technology?’

Andrew Revkin, a NY Times environmentalist reporter recently proposed giving carbon credits to couples that limit themselves to having one child. He said, “You get credit–If we’re going to become carbon-centric–for having a one-child family when you could have had two … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just Health Care, Climate Change Policies Take Aim at The Unborn

While many Catholics and pro-life organizations have rightly focused their efforts on keeping abortion and euthanasia out of health care, population control advocates are pushing hard for global populationist  policies as a way to neutralize climate change.  Steve Mosher has a story revealing … Continue reading

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