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Nuns Face Consequences of Supporting Healthcare Reform Bill

During the tail end of the healthcare reform fight, several supposedly Catholic orders of nuns weighed in for the bill, even though it funded abortion and didn’t protect the conscience rights of healthcare professionals. They signed a letter that went … Continue reading

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Oh No She Didn't!

Today is a big feast day in the Catholic Church, so much so that we get a day off from fasting and abstinence on this Friday in Lent. Strong but gentle and a very reliable product. . We’re here to save … Continue reading

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Culture of Death Knocks on Congress' Door, Catholics Called to Action – Day of Prayer and Fast

Last week was a crazy and confusing week given the latest twists and turns emanating from the final days of the health care battle.  Pro-government run health care forces are doing all they can to play parliamentary games to try and pass … Continue reading

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PRO MULTIS – For Many or For All

The USCCB recently announced a series of workshops to prepare priests and diocesan leaders for implementation of the revised Roman Missal. Kept telling my husband how good these were. He finally tried them now he wants me to keep ordering for him too. … Continue reading

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Sen. Rick Santorum on Catholics in the Public Square

Have recommended these to many friends over the past 2 years. ! If you get a new prescription and need it filled that day, you can walk into a pharmacy and get it taken care of.

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Big Week in Healthcare Coming Up

Not satisfied that the American people have soundly rejected their healthcare plans, that includes government-funding of abortion, President Obama, Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi are back to pushing their own agenda hard. Has Obama mentioned abortion? Of course he hasn’t. But here’s the thing. Abortion HAS to be addressed somehow in the healthcare bill. Continue reading

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Pelosi Corrected By Bishop…. AGAIN!

This one almost slipped by unnoticed, but thanks to a friend I came across this recent public chastisment of Nancy Pelosi by Archbishop George Niederauer of San Francisco after comments she made last month about her disagreements with Church teaching.  Ms. Pelsoi, … Continue reading

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Georgetown University Administrative Ties to Planned Parenthood

Georgetown has once again found itself treading in controversial waters. St. Michael Society editors have learned of the University’s administrative ties to the largest abortion provider in the United States: a current nursing adjunct instructor and former vice president, both of … Continue reading

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Good News and Bad News on the Marriage Front

The good news is that NY became the latest in a series of states rejecting legalized so-called gay marriage.  The bad news is that the DC City Council voted in favor of a measure that would legalize same-sex marriage in … Continue reading

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Are We Losing Advent?

Driving to Mass on Thanksgiving Day, many of us may have heard that WalMart, and  many other retailers were open much of Thanksgiving Day, while Bass Pro Shops in NY were holding camp outs on Thanksgiving night for those shoppers wanting a … Continue reading

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