"Catholic" Group Encouraging Dissent at Mass

Ever see a person at Mass typing away on their Blackberry or surfing the Web on their iPhone? It’s incredibly distracting, not to mention irreverent.

One group, Catholics for Equality, has started a campaign using an app that urges Catholics to bring their mobile devices to Mass and report any “hostile activity in their parish or make a special contribution to the campaign as the Holy Spirit moves them.”

This group is a homosexual activist group that wants gay marriage and homosexual acts to be perfectly fine within the Church, without any trace of immorality. This group is a fraud and are not Catholics. The Archbishop of Washington DC last night called this group “is not a Catholic organization”  and that just because they label themselves as “Catholic” doesn’t make them a Catholic group in line with the Church’s teachings.

Thom Peters at CatholicVote sounded the alarm on Catholics for Equality thankfully and St. Michael Society wants to echo his sentiments and tell Catholics not to be confused.

Gay activists will claim their movement is about tolerance and getting along, but their actual tactics – tactics I have experienced personally – favor intimidation and forcing those who disagree (especially Catholics and other Christians) to “change” in response to their dictates, or else face sophisticated in-your-face campaigns like this one.

Besides being in direct opposition to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church, they are encouraging actions that are also opposed to the sanctity and holiness of the Mass itself.

Don’t be fooled by this group, or others, like Catholics for Free Choice, who label themselves as Catholic but are actually on the opposing side of the Church’s teachings.

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