Former "Top Model" Contestant Now Catholic Speaker

Today, RedState has an article on the degradation of women in so-called RealityTV, and how silent the radical feminists have been when it comes to the treatment of women in today’s new “enlightened” times.  It is worth the read and again serves as proof that the Church’s predictions about the “new feminist” movement were sadly correct.  The “New Feminism” has done nothing for women except made them sexual objects for entertainment.  (“New Feminism” is not the same as the original feminist movement that opposed contraception and abortion precisely for this reason)

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In fact, one of RealityTV’s biggest stars has decided to walk away from the vain lifestyle that formerly controlled her and to use her fame to focus on a faith-centered speaking ministry.   Leah Darrow, formerly a contestant on  “America’s Next Top Model” and self-professed ‘prodigal daughter,’ says that “for years (her)  faith took a back seat until it all came to a soulful boiling point during a high power photo shoot, where (she) turned back to God.”

Now she is heavily involved with Pure Fashion and is a popular Catholic speaker on being a virtuous person in today’s world and on fighting the temptation to let others dictate how we use our bodies and sexuality.

Recently, the Archdiocese of Boston did a feature article on Leah that gives more information about her ‘reversion’ back to the Church.  Also interesting is her bio from CMG Booking which has this exerpt from her personal journal…

“Satan has had his fun with me for too long, I have been blinded by ignorance and corrupted by vanity and pride,  I take back from satan what is Yours and I give my entire self to You…Dear Lord, make me new again in You.”


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