Pro-Choice = Pro-Abortion: Feminists Exposed

Pro-Choice = Pro-Abortion – How else would you describe the frenzy that the pro-choice organizations are now in since the announcement that NFL-bound star quarterback, Tim Tebow, would be featured in a Super Bowl ad about his own mother, faced with the CHOICE between abortion or keeping the baby, CHOSE life?

Pam Tebow made her choice. She had a choice and she chose life. What say you pro-choice groups?

 Erin Matson, the National Organization for Women’s new vice president, called the Tebow spot “hate masquerading as love.” 

Bottom line: if a woman is pregnant and doesn’t choose abortion, that is hateful. Only when she chooses abortion is she fully exercising her “right to choose.”

As David Bass says over at The American Spectator about these so called women’s rights groups: “But while they’re quick to applaud a woman’s choice to abort her baby — “I Had an Abortion” t-shirts, for example — they seldom encourage the opposite decision and never celebrate it. The truth is in the numbers: for every adoption referral Planned Parenthood made in 2007, it conducted 62 abortions”


David Bass also says of their hypocrisy: “It’s a case study in the conundrum of liberal ideology: radical feminist groups declaring that a woman’s choice to not have an abortion is, somehow, anti-choice.”

In yesterday’s Washington Post, on the front page of the opinion section, was a piece by Frances Kissling, the former president of Catholics for Choice, and Kate Michelman, former president of Naral Pro-Choice America, on how the Super Bowl shouldn’t be about abortion. They said that pro-choicers shouldn’t pick on Tebow and his mother but rather have their own inspiring strategy:

People want to be inspired, and abortion is as tough and courageous a decision as is the decision to continue a pregnancy.

Abortion is never an easy decision to make but it should never be hailed as an “inspiration.” A baby was killed. That is not inspiration.

In an opinion piece on on Friday, Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser opined that,

These groups (NOW, NARAL, etc) are not “for” women and they don’t want them to have a “choice.” They only want women to “choose” the path of abortion. Never mind that abortion has been shown over and over to be destructive in numerous ways, both physically and psychologically. But, *please* don’t tell people that there are alternatives.

Here at St. Michael Society, we are thrilled that CBS is holding their ground and resisting the attempts from radical feminists and pro-abortion groups to pull the Tebow ad. The ad will be welcome relief from the oversexed and typical raunchy ads typical of the Super Bowl.

Want to continue to show your support for the Tebow ad? You can contact Sean J. McManus, President CBS News and Sports at or 212-975-4321.

And you can sign a petition and send a message to Tim Tebow through the Susan B. Anthony List’s new website, Block Hard for Tim Tebow! Read what other people have already sent to Tim here.

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