St. Michael Society supports Thomas Peters of the American Papist for “Catholic Speaker Month 2009”

Matthew Warner at Fallible Blogma had the ingenious idea of showcasing Catholic blogs and bloggers in “Support a Catholic Speaker Month 2009”. He says, “The goal is to create a rising Catholic tide on the internet that lifts all boats (websites, speakers, and all those who participate). This giant, sudden influx of catholic material and interlinking between Catholic websites should get some attention and raise awareness about all of these great Catholic speakers while also promoting the many wonderful Catholic blogs out there that perhaps you haven’t heard of yet either.”

Thomas Peters

St. Michael Society is proud to highlight Thomas Peters, founder and blogger of the American Papist, and to recommend him for your next Catholic speaking engagement. Thomas Peters is a dynamic, bright, educated young man who started the award-winning American Papist blog in 2005, which is one of the most trafficked Catholic blogs in the world. Peters graduated from Ave Maria College in 2005 with majors in Literature and Philosophy/Classical Languages. He received an M.A. in Moral Theology and Biblical Studies from Sacred Heart Major Seminary in 2007. He completed an S.T.B. at the Dominican House of Studies in May 2009. He is currently working as Communications Director for American Principles Project in Washington, DC and continuing to blog on the American Papist.

We had a chance to ask Peters some questions and here were his answers:

SMS: What makes your blog different from other Catholic blogs?
Peters: I try to cover topics of maximum importance, or important topics that no one else is paying enough attention to (in my estimation). I have a unique mix of being fairly young (and so “at home” in the internet), enjoying excellent contacts, and an extended education that provides background and perspective on current questions

SMS: Why did you start the American Papist?
Peters: I started it because no one was talking about the stories I wanted to talk about, in the way I wanted to talk about.

SMS: What’s your motivation in continuing it?
Peters: The motivation continuing it is that I myself like to stay informed, and I want to help other people be informed so we can respond to all the lies and obstacles we face as a community of believers.

In an Examiner interview conducted in June, Peters noted his two level approach to the coverage on American Papist: “I try to keep track of most “important” things, so people are at least aware of what is going on, and second I do “megacoverage” of what I consider to be a very important story. Thus, visitors can have some confidence that they’ll be aware of most the important things happening and, if they are interested, they can also get the latest and most detailed information for a critical story, which often includes exclusive information.”

Peters’ consistency and attention to detail has not gone unnoticed. In the blogging world, the American Papist was the winner of:
• Catholic New Media Awards 2009 (Best Blog by a Man, Funniest Blog, Most Entertaining Blog & Best Catholic News Website)
• The 2008 Catholic Blog Awards for “Best Political/Social Commentary Catholic Blog”
• American Life League’s 2009 Pro-Life Blog Awards
• 2009 Blogger Appreciation Awards
• and various other Catholic Blog Awards.

In addition to the splash he’s made in the blogging world, he has been seen or heard in media outlets such as CNN, BBC World News, NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, MSNBC, The Catholic Channel, Relevant Radio, and EWTN Global Radio. He has also been interviewed or quoted by: Our Sunday Visitor, The Boston Globe, The National Catholic Reporter, Catholic News Agency, The Denver Catholic Register, News Busters, Inside Catholic, Busted Halo, LifeSiteNews, Holy Smoke, Huffington Post, Catholic Online, Catholic Culture, Opposing Views, LifeNews, Catholic Exchange, DC Catholic Living Examiner, and the National Catholic Register.

One look at his blog and it is easy to see why American Papist is a hit. The blog is frequently updated, the commentary is direct and informative, and it is peppered with humor and wittiness. An example of this humor is displayed in one of the blog’s features called the “Papist Picture of the Day”. Peters chooses an off-beat religious photo and invites the readers to submit humorous photo captions.

American Papist banner

Take a look at the American Papist at and let us know what you think! You can also follow the American Papist on Twitter at: or on Facebook at:

Thomas Peters has recently spoken at the Catholic Leadership Conference, American University Catholic Club, Catholic University of American Pro-Life Club, Theology on Tap (Ft. Collins), Theology on Tap (Denver), and will next be speaking in Poland at the College of Social and Media Culture for its 2nd International Congress about Catholic Media in the World. To book Peters for speaking engagements, please contact him at: Thomas[at]

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