Support a Catholic Speaker Month: Pam Stenzel

Matthew Warner at Fallible Blogma had cheap cialis 20mg the great idea of involving as many Catholic blogs and bloggers as possible to join in Support a Catholic Speaker Month 2009 by choosing from a list of 50 Catholic speakers and writing about each one on a different blog.

We gladly choose dynamic abstinence education speaker Pam Stenzel.pam stenzel

As a teenage, one of the editors of St. Michael Society remembers hearing Pam speak on video to her youth group at church about sex and abstinence and loved her enthusiasm and encouragement. As a teen, you can never have too many talks on the meaning of sexuality, the exclusive environment of where sex truly belongs (in marriage), love and relationships, and encouragement in the midst of an over-sexualized culture.  

Pam Stenzel’s mother decided to choose life for her after conceiving through rape but gave up Pam for adoption five months after her birth. Before Pam became an internationally-recognized speaker, she counseled girls in crisis pregnancy situations and realized so many of them had no idea about the consequences and risks of sexual activity because no one ever told them.

In her talks she mixes new media, music, and videos to keep the attention of teens and relay her message in an entertaining and engaging way. She’s dynamic, funny and passionate and truly cares about the teens she speaks to. Pam also has a series of programs for parents on how to talk to their kids about sex, love, relationships and abstinence.

To learn more about Pam, check out videos of her and book her for a speaking engagement, check out her website at

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